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About Us

We are located in Kempapura, Hebbal. The learning journey at our school starts with Nursery, L.K.G and U.K.G. We offer science and commerce streams from grade 9. Grade 1 to 10 is affiliated to ICSE and Grades 11 and 12 to ISC. We offer science and commerce streams from grade 9 to 12.

Distinctive Features

  • Unique teaching methodology - LERTE (Learn, Engage, Revise, Test, Empower)

  • Technology-based approach to learning

  • Qualified and experienced teaching fraternity

  • Well-equipped Science Labs for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and Home Science

  • Resource-rich Library

  • Extensive Playground for Sports & Games

  • Educational Trips to enhance learning outside classrooms

  • Competitions to foster 21st century learning skills of Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity

  • Multiple clubs – Compulsory MUN & Literary Club and optional clubs in Art, Culture, Commerce and Science clubs

  • Robust discipline policy that ensures that behavior is a result of conviction

  • Life skills classes to build resilience and skills needed for academic and social success

  • In-house counselling for behavior and academic help


Educate, Enhance, Empower

Our Mission

  • To instill value-based education and leadership qualities in every student, fostering curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity.

  • Our Vision

  • To deliver high-quality education and instill positive discipline that fosters the enhancement of students' skills and overall development.

  • Our Key Administrative Staff

  • At St. John's School, we are proud to have a dedicated team of professionals who work passionately behind the scenes to ensure the smooth operation of our school and support the success of our students, faculty, and staff. Feel free to reach out to any member of our administrative staff for assistance or inquiries—we're here to serve you!

    Suma N. Rao

    Management Facilitator

    Ms. Suma Rao brings over 15 years of extensive experience in the field of education. She plays a pivotal role in our school community, overseeing teacher training in topics such as classroom management, effective questioning strategies, and lesson planning techniques. Furthermore, she spearheads initiatives for systems improvement and simplification. In addition to her administrative responsibilities, Ms. Rao specializes in student counseling, focusing on academic performance, personal development, and behavioral issues. Her expertise and dedication ensure that our staff and students receive the support and guidance needed for success.

    Vimala A Philips

    High School Supervisor 

    A highly experienced School Teacher and Administrator, Mrs Vimala A Philips has a strong passion for education and commitment to providing a quality education to students in schools. She holds an Honorary Doctorate degree in Life Skills. Her dedication and commitment together with an excellent personal academic record has won her many accolades in her long career of 36 years in education. Her contributions to the CISCE in curriculum development, question paper setting and evaluation work has earned her meritorious recognition by the Council. She has previously served in the capacity of an effective Instructional Leader in the department of Physics and as Vice Principal.

    Kavitha. S

    Primary School Supervisor 

    Ms. Kavitha brings a wealth of experience across different educational domains. Her tenure as Headmistress at a CISCE School underscores her leadership acumen. Additionally, she has conducted numerous corporate training sessions, empowering postgraduate students with essential management skills. She also boasts an illustrious sporting background, having captained the Indian Women’s State Hockey team and excelled as a 1500M athlete. In navigating the challenges posed by virtual and hybrid education, her teacher training initiatives have been commendable. Her proactive nature and commitment towards improving systems makes her an asset to our institution.


    A school's infrastructure is the foundational framework that shapes the learning environment for students and facilitates the educational process. St. John’s is proud of the spacious classrooms, dedicated Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Biology lab, Computer lab, and Home Science lab. We enable every child to explore new ideas and learn through hands-on activities. The campus also offers facilities like large outdoor play area, two expansive libraries, indoor play area and digital labs that extend learning beyond classrooms.


    Sports teach us that every challenge is an opportunity for greatness. At St. John’s, we lay strong emphasis on sports and physical development. Our sports curriculum is planned and designed for students to develop and enhance skills like strength, speed, endurance, agility, flexibility, control, and balance. We have indoor and outdoor play areas for students of kindergarten and primary and a large ground for students of High School. We are proud to share that our students have even made it to the National level in Handball, Kabbadi and Cricket. It is also a matter of pride that St. John’s Sports academy will start its operation from 2024.


    The need for safe transport of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. To ensure safe travel, the school has its own fleet of school buses designed as per standards and manned by trained drivers and personnel sensitized to the needs of children. The Transport Service (optional) is operated by the school and a separate transport fee is charged for this. For supervision and monitoring, a transport attendant is on board throughout the journey.

    The Growth Curve – History of Our School

    St. John’s School was established in 2007 by the Late Father Rev. Bernard and Ms. Ruby Sumithra with a vision to offer affordable education without compromising quality. Their aim was to create a nurturing environment that fosters holistic development and instills lifelong learning skills in students.

    Initially, the school began with just the primary block, but as its reputation grew and student enrollment surged, the high school block was added to accommodate the increasing demand.

    Recognizing the importance of holistic education, the founders introduced Yoga, Abacus, and Vedic mathematics into the school curriculum. Furthermore, anticipating the future significance of STEM education, a robust STEM program was developed to prepare students for the challenges of the modern world.

    The school places equal emphasis on extracurricular activities such as dance, music, arts, and sports, which has resulted in numerous accolades for our students. Many of our students have achieved national recognition in various fields, including Handball and Cricket

    To ensure our students are well-prepared for the future, we regularly organize workshops aimed at enhancing their academic performance and equipping them with essential life skills to navigate challenges successfully.

    Looking ahead, we recognize the dynamic nature of the job market, driven by advancements in technology and AI. Therefore, our focus is on providing our students with 21st-century learning skills, including creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

    Why Choose Us

    Well Qualified Team

    The backbone of our institution is comprised of highly qualified and devoted teachers and staff members. Collaborating closely with each other, they establish a solid foundation for the holistic development of every child. Our dedicated teamwork is a core strength, consistently striving for continuous improvement in our educational programs.

    Value Based Education

    Committed to quality education, we aim to develop responsible citizens through continuous improvement in our management system. Our policy emphasizes overall student growth, delivering high-class, value based education in collaboration with teachers and parents, fostering responsible citizenship.

    Learning for Life

    At St. John's School we embrace the belief that learning is a lifelong process. We go beyond imparting knowledge; we cultivate a love for learning and a passion for excellence. Because, for us, an enriching life extends beyond academic success and it is about creating lifelong learners!

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    Kempapura, Coffee Board Layout, Hebbal, Bangalore - 560024 Karnataka. 

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